The J7 Faction

The J7 Faction is a site dedicated to all things Janeway/Seven. Discussion boards, games, graphics, fanfic, news and good company!

These are some of my favorite J/7 sites:

J7Astrometrics by Susan

The wonderful fanfic, ubers and original fiction of Susan T.

DAx's 'Perfection" site

DAx's (Patricia L. Givens) phenomenal Janeway/Seven, DS9 and Xena fanfic


Lara Zielinsky's (lzclotho) amazing fanfic and fiction

Novel Expectations

Gina Dartt's peerless 'Just Between', 'Millenium' and 'Counselor' series and one-shots. These tales set the standard for J7 fanfic. Classics.

Gun Brooke's Fiction

It's Gun Brooke....what else do you need to hear?  Everything this woman does leaves me breathless!

Voyager Home Fires

cygirl1's fanfic and truly fantastic manips. What this woman has done with classic 50s pulp fiction covers has to be seen to be believed! For those of you with a wicked wish to walk on the dark side, there's good Torres/Seven fanfic too (but we don't talk about that...) and her "Voyager Far and Away Theatre" must not be missed!


Foxfire and Moonlight is my MIRANDY/Devil Wears Prada fan fiction site. If ever you've been tempted to read another fandom, come on over to the dark side...we've got cookies!